Win a ’16 Dodge Dart from YME

Win a car and give it to your graduating senior, a friend in need, or just keep it for yourself!

We don’t care what you do with the car, but we do care that you understand “why” we’re giving one away.

If you haven’t heard, we’re giving away a $5,000 scholarship to a graduating senior, presented by Hughes Anderson Heat Exchangers.

In addition to the scholarship, someone is going to win a 2016 Dodge Dart, with all the proceeds raised benefiting the YME Foundation.

How does it work?

For every $10 ticket you get from the YME Foundation, you receive one chance to win the car.

Get $50 in tickets get 5 chances!

Get $100 in tickets get 10 chances!

The more tickets you get, the better chance you have to win! On May 26th, from all the tickets, we’ll draw a winner. If that person happens to be you, you can do with the car what you want! Keep it, give it away…it’s yours to do with as you wish! All the proceeds directly benefit the YME Foundation.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it! But you might be wondering what exactly is the YMe Foundation, and why should I support it?

Well, it’s more than just getting a ticket for a chance to win a car! (But that’s nice too!)


There’s a lot of education that needs to be poured into kids before they graduate from high school.  Many Oklahoma classrooms are oversized and overspent, not to mention taught by teachers who are overworked.


The YME Foundation invests in students and supports teachers in both private and public schools.  They help inspire youths to reach their full potential through innovative approaches to education. Their vision is to see children discover new passions, develop useful skills, and find their purpose in life.


That’s why every $10 you donate helps the YME Foundation help Oklahoma schools.

(Not bad when you consider that same $10 gets you one chance to win a 2016 Dodge Dart!)


There’s so much more to learn about the YME foundation, so go to their website now.