Win a $5,000 Scholarship

Right now, for thousands of northeastern Oklahoma’s graduating seniors, a lot of questions are being asked:

What’s next?

What college?

What degree?

Do I commute or live on campus?

Do I stay close to home or go far away?

But whether you’re a graduating senior or a parent of one, the “starting line question” for everyone is:

How am I going to pay for college?

(We want to help you answer this one).

On Friday May 26th, we’re giving away a $5,000 scholarship to a graduating senior, presented by Hughes Anderson Heat Exchangers. It doesn’t matter the college, the major, or if you’re staying home or going away. The goal is to help you financially take life’s next big step!

(But I thought scholarships were only awarded to those academically gifted or in financial need?)


We certainly want EVERY graduating senior to apply, but…

Instead of making this a scholarship based on financial need or academic excellence, we’ve chosen to look for something different, (after all, a transcript and ACT score can’t tell your whole story).


We’ve decided to award this scholarship based on YOU—the person who has the one-of-a-kind story that only you can tell. That means we need you to peel back the layers—be a little more transparent than you’re accustomed to being when applying for other scholarships. In other words, instead of “checking boxes” on an application, we want the unique you to shine through!

If this sounds a little “less than concrete,” well…it’s supposed to. After all, your life can’t be summed up in a nice, tidy academic box.

But if you’re looking for a place to start, how about telling us:

• Your hopes and dreams for the future.
• What a college degree would mean to you.
• How you plan to give back to society.
• Even any fears and frustrations you might have taking life’s next big step.

You’re not limited to what’s listed above. In fact, the more you share, the better, and we encourage you to go deep in your story. The more thought and creativity you put into your submission, the better chance you have to win.

Be real…

Be transparent…

Be relational…

Let us see the real you!

The only way you can guarantee not winning this scholarship is if you don’t apply.