YME Tower Gardens

Safe, compact, and soilless, the Tower Garden is an innovative growing system that is perfect for the classroom. Many schools and teachers are using Tower Gardens to engage students and bring excitement to lessons. Students witness first-hand how plants grow, while learning the importance of sustainability, healthy eating, and giving back to the community.

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One teacher shared that she was never sure if students were really engaged in her lessons, but the addition of a Tower Garden to her classroom has made a huge difference! A Tower Garden vendor, Cari, was recently at the Tulsa Home & Garden Show and a middle school student came up to the display and began explaining to his mom all about how it works and how much better it was than a traditional garden. The vendor was so impressed, she asked him what school he attended and followed up with that teacher. The teacher shared that the young man who came to the booth had high functioning autism and she was unsure if she ever reached through to him. She was overjoyed that he had learned so much just from having the Tower Garden for a short time in her classroom.

Here’s another amazing experience: One school has a Tower Garden that is shared by third, fourth, and fifth-grade classes. Each grade tends to a section of the tower. Students from each grade plant, maintain, and harvest their own sections, and each month they use what they harvest to prepare a meal for a local needy family. Throughout the process, the kids are engaged, cooperative, and excited about learning and leading healthy lifestyles.

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